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Group Internship

Group Internship Program (GIP) is a functional internship for first year full-time MBA students from select business schools across India. Subject to performance during the internship, this could be the opportunity to enter the Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs as a full-time participant.

First year students pursuing a full-time MBA, from select business schools with 0 - 36 months of pre-MBA work experience, are eligible to apply for GIP. Institutes from where we typically hire Group Interns are:

We also recruit interns from other top institutes in the country based on their exemplary performance in campus competitions/ wildcard rounds, or recipients of the Aditya Birla Scholarships.


Hiring follows a 3-stage assessment process:

  • Online gamified simulation assessments
  • Group discussions
  • Personal interviews

Participants are allowed to select a specific function of their interest for a 2-month internship during April and May. Availability of internships in the nominated function are subject to business requirements.

What to expect
during your internship

  • Gain Global Exposure
    Develop a truly global perspective on matters of importance by working with an organization spanning over 30 countries.
  • Sharpen Business Acumen
    Build significant functional and sector expertise by working with companies that have been generational leaders in their fields.
  • Experience Cultural Diversity
    Broaden your horizons by working with a conglomerate with a workforce representing over 40 nationalities, in both manufacturing and services.
  • Network With Senior Leaders
    Learn and gain from the insightful mentorship and guidance provided to you by leaders with exemplary careers both nationally and internationally.
  • Opportunity To Join Us
    Top performers post Confluence (End of Internship Review) will receive a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) that opens doors to full-time roles as a part of the Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs.
  • Crisp Induction
    A sharp induction led by the Group's senior leadership to help you understand and align with what the Group expects from all its interns.
  • Confluence
    A multi-stage evaluation process upon the completion of your internship and an opportunity to show case your work in front of senior management.
  • Curated Learning Opportunities
    Leverage "Gyanodaya", the Group's Global Centre for Leadership Learning, to improve your performance through online learning courses, both behavioural and functional.

Gain first-hand experience
across diverse functions

Leverage new age digital platforms and craft digital innovation strategies to support the brand’s reinvigoration in terms of identity, marketing and communication.

Work with the business unit leadership team to conceptualize and execute a 360-degree branding and marketing roadmap, to identify opportunities for higher profitability.

Work with a market leader in the segment towards development and launch of new products to target the largest customers in the appropriate end use segments.

Develop a detailed DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) model that accounts for all key internal and external value drivers, and a financial model to track performance of all operating units in real time.

Work with GCOE (Group Centre of Excellence) to support ongoing mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring activities, and investor relations initiatives.

Make a detailed study of all publicly listed peers to analyze and assess investor relations best practices, and develop a series of recommendations for senior management.

Develop and implement a strategy for the sales channel to increase rate of customer acquisition without materially increasing cost of customer acquisition.

Identify underperforming business units using historical data, examine the reasons and leverage best practices from outperforming units to implement a corrective action.

Increase relevance of non-core product segment and improve its sales contribution to drive double digit quarter-on-quarter contribution growth.

Identify and define key productivity metrics for specific roles and establish a way forward to increase the scope of responsibilities, without an increase in manpower costs.

Develop a detailed HR Dashboard having people, productivity, work output and cost analytics that enable regional HR Heads to take strategic people decisions.

Study development plans selected by employees and establish common emerging themes to create a standardized curriculum of learning and development.

Develop end-to-end expansion and sales plans for the pilot launch of new products targeting relevant customers in 4-6 new markets, and develop an ROI profile of these markets.

Drive ROI of new sales channel partners by understanding the agreements with existing channel partners, and use this data to find an incentive sharing mechanism to grow ROI.

Analyze end use markets, customer preferences, behavior & buying patterns to maximize sales of newly launched value-added products.

Assess and analyze global markets and competition, check key value drivers and data trends of competitor’s v/s our business for a 10-year period to forecast a 3-year performance for both.

Develop and create a detailed model which can use input material pricing and pricing formula assessed by segment, by product, and by geography to evaluate EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, And Amortization) impact.

Develop a model to optimize plant loading to ensure lowest cost of production and freight using forecast customer demand.

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